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Natural Stone Restoration for Hotels

Natural stones are the most popular choice for adding elegance and class to hotel lobbies, corridors, and suites. Apart from their attractive style, these rocks are resistant to dirt, debris, and mold, which increases their durability and makes them a preferable choice for hotel owners. However, their one downfall is that they do not effectively stand the test of time.

Natural stone flooring eventually wears down and gives off a negative and unwelcoming impression to your hotel guests. The solution to this problem is to hire a professional team for natural stone restoration. 

With expertise in cleaning, sealing, and polishing, we at Monreal Maintenance take great pride in offering the best natural stone restoration services for hotels. 

Type of Natural Stones 

Natural stones are an umbrella term and include different types of mountain-born materials. Knowing the exact type of stone can help provide better and more impressive restoration services. Natural stone options commonly used for interior surfaces include:


Terrazzo is a mixture of many natural stones and, therefore, the most complex type to restore. But we can transform this into a smooth and flawless form in no time. 


This stone derives from limestone and, like its predecessor, is incredibly porous. Therefore, restoring travertine involves filling, cleaning, and sealing all present openings to stop dirt and mold from collecting inside the cracks. 


Granite is most commonly used in countertops and bathrooms of lavish hotels. Durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain, this stone is one-of-a-kind. Its only downside is that it can get easily stained. 

Hence, we pay extra attention while scrubbing marks off the surface, filling and sealing any present cracks produced due to long-term use. 


Used for flooring in lobbies, hallways, and staircases, marble is one of the most used natural stones in hotels. Since these floors have heavy foot traffic, our cleaning and polishing services take special care in giving them the shine which gives the impression that they have never been used!

Natural Stone Care for Hotels

Sometimes, all your natural stone surfaces need is extra care to keep them in top-notch condition. 

Some clear-cut indicators which notify you that it is time to call natural stone restoration services are stubborn marks, ugly scratches, visible cracks, and dull surfaces. 

Below are a few cleaning practices that can help prevent the presence of these indicators in the long run.

For Scratches and Cracks

Make sure to use rough carpets and mats on floors where there is heavy traffic. Use a dry mop to dust off the dirt and keep abrasive materials away from the ground. When using a vacuum cleaner, ensure it is free from sharp, worn-out parts that may scratch the surface. To prevent cracks, don’t place heavy materials on slabs and countertops. Using trivets can also help protect the surface from chipping away. 

For Stains and Dullness

When cleaning natural stone countertops, always use warm water with an acid-free soap, disinfectant, and soft fabric. Remember to give the surface time to dry naturally, or it will build up the film. 

As for floors, protect them from oil spillages, alcohol, and citrusy substances using beermats.


Practicing these easy habits can help you to keep your natural stone surfaces in pristine condition.  However, if the time for implementing these practices has passed and the damage is already done, don’t worry. Our team of experts is ever-ready to assist you in maintaining the best condition of your hotel. 

From stone polishing to color enhancement and honing, we offer top-quality natural stone restoration services throughout Orange County, California. 

Contact us today to benefit from these services and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Marble Floor Polishing Services

Marble’s timeless beauty makes it an expensive natural stone, but this doesn’t stop people from using this classic in their homes and other spaces. Although a very durable material, marble is not 100% safe from cracks, chips, scratches, etches, and dullness. To restore marble’s intrinsic beauty, Monreal Maintenance is there to help with the restoration process!

Granite Polishing Services

Granite is formed as magma cools underground. This amazing process gives birth to one of the most popular natural stones that has graced our kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and floors. Despite its unique formation process, granite is not damage-proof. The color may dull over time, and it may chip, crack, or be subject to scratches. When this happens, Monreal Maintenance’s excellent restoration service will revitalize your granite surfaces making them vibrant and new again!

Travertine Floor Restoration

Travertine is a natural stone that is easier to maintain than granite and marble. It comes from limestone caves and hot springs. Despite being a robust natural stone, travertine is not as tough as granite or marble and is more susceptible to damage. Unfilled travertine holes are also difficult to clean. Fortunately, our expert personnel at Monreal Maintenance have your back! With years of experience in natural stone restoration, we know all the techniques and products used for a thorough deep stone cleaning and other restorative services.

Limestone Floor Polishing Services

A sedimentary rock, limestone has many uses in the home, and in a lot of commercial and manufacturing processes. This calcium-based stone gets damaged easily by acidic substances. It dulls and is prone to scratches too. Professional intervention is recommended for a limestone restoration to succeed. Trust Monreal Maintenance for your limestone restoration needs.

Slate Floor Restoration Services

Slate floors and surfaces have a distinct attraction despite their simplicity and bareness. Slate can be costly yet very durable when installed. Proper maintenance and restoration of slate should be done by professionals who have comprehensive knowledge in dealing with this natural stone to preserve its beauty and appealing attributes.

Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete polishing in Orange County is a thriving industry. From residential to commercial and public spaces, concrete is everywhere! Concrete is a convenient material you can choose for any type of construction. The ingredients used to make concrete are readily available, making it an economical choice. Concrete is also extremely durable, and unlike natural stones capable of defects and flaws, concrete is almost free of imperfections.

Terrazzo Polishing Services

Monreal Maintenance is the best terrazzo polishing service in Orange County, California for the following reasons:
• Affordable and competitive rates
• Safe, non-toxic cleaners and products
• Organized and systemic work processes
• Great customer service
• More than 20 years of terrazzo polishing experience

Our company is the best solution for all your stone restoration needs. It is a reputable maintenance company in Orange County specializing in the upkeep and restoration of natural stones and other surface materials. Contact us for more information!