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Granite Repair Services in Orange County, CA

Monreal Maintenance is your trusted repair company for damaged granite!

We provide granite repair services for both residential and commercial use in LA County, Orange County, and Inland Empire

Why Choose Monreal Granite Repair?

Granite is most preferred for countertops and kitchen backsplashes because of its heat-resistant and stain-resistant properties. Despite its promising properties, granite is also compromised when exposed to unfavorable conditions.

It may resist heat, but repetitively leaving hot pots and pans on the granite can result in burnt surfaces. Some liquids like acidic fruit juice and vinegar can cause etching that dulls it out. And over time, granite repair service to restore its beauty will be warranted.

Aside from the many years of professional experience, our team at Monreal provides diligent work. We ensure that all repairs undergo a thorough process so that nothing is missed. Our experts know the real deal and how to fix damaged granite. We are honest with our dealings and will tell you upfront what needs to be done so that you won’t get surprised by additional costs.

When to Repair Granite

When maintained properly, granite can last for 10 to 15 years before needing restoration or replacement. A replacement may make your home look better, but it is not always necessary since it can be an expensive, complicated, and labor-intensive process. Repairing and restoring granite floors, walls, and countertops is the easiest and most affordable way to go about it.

How do you know when your granite is in need of repair? The most common and noticeable problems you may find with your granite surfaces include:

  • Stains and burns
  • Etching
  • Chipping
  • Cloudy and hazy
  • Cracks

If you think your granite countertops are becoming dull and drab, then it is time to contact us for a granite repair service.

How Do We Repair Granite?

Filling Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips on the surface of granite are better remedied with epoxy and colorless resin, adhesive, acrylic, and other fillers. It is tricky to apply since the holes and pieces must be filled seamlessly and discreetly.

Polishing Lackluster Surface

The dullness of granite countertops is likely due to soap buildups that can be solved by soap-based cleaners and dish soap. However, if there is etching, a polishing powder is required. A dull granite surface that goes unresolved after polishing attempts may need refinishing. For this, you should have a reliable granite repair service to restore its shine.

Sealing Water-Absorbent Granite

Granite needs sealing if water starts seeping underneath its surface, as it can cause eventual damage. We apply layers of sealer with the right technique to solve this dilemma and prevent imminent damage.

Restoring Granite

Grinding and restoration become necessary when granite starts to look drab to help extend its value. And for that, you will need a professional granite repair service as Monreal Maintenance offers. We will help you assess the damage and choose the repair materials to color-match with the surface.

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Our amazing team will help bring the shine and luster back to any granite surfaces in your home or office. Our efficient and trustworthy service ensures that your property is well-taken care of. Our team of experts is here to help you, from assessing the problem to providing maintenance tips and excellent after-service.

Drab countertops don’t have a place to stay with Monreal Maintenance. The right tools, expertise, and experience is key to maintaining your home’s value.

Call us today for an appointment, advice, and cost estimate and receive the kind of service you need and deserve.

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