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Travertine Floor Restoration Orange County, CA

Are you in need of a travertine floor restoration service? Monreal Maintenance is the best service company dealing in travertine floor restoration within Orange County, California. With decades of experience, our expert knowledge and skills guarantee proper restoration and preservation of your travertine tile floor.

Travertine is a form of limestone commonly found in mineral springs such as hot springs. Travertine makes a good flooring material with its non-slip texture. It is a popular choice for homeowners because of its sturdiness and because it can withstand extreme temperatures. As with any limestone, dirt and dullness are unavoidable. Similarly, it can accumulate scratches, cracks, and chips over time. What will you do when this happens?

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Understanding Travertine Characteristics

Travertine can either be filled or unfilled. A person familiar with the texture of this natural stone knows that there are naturally-occurring holes in the travertine surface. You can choose between filled travertine or unfilled travertine and each option has its unique attributes.

Unfilled travertine is travertine in its most natural form. The holes are visible throughout the surface giving it a warm, rustic, and earthy look. Meanwhile, a filled travertine surface makes use of a color-matched product such as epoxy to cover the holes lending it a smooth and even finish.

Why Choose Monreal Maintenance for Travertine Floor Restoration?

Monreal Maintenance has been leading the flooring industry for more than 20 years. Decades of experience give us the knowledge and skills to deal with floor restoration. We equipped ourselves with adequate techniques to ensure that our services yield a satisfactory outcome for our ever-growing clientele.

Our company also takes pride in putting our customers’ needs at the center of every service job we take. With that in mind, we can put our skills into the field without compromising quality.

Another reason you should choose us to restore your travertine flooring to its original splendor is that we know the right materials and products to use.

Services We Offer for Travertine Floor Restoration

Monreal Maintenance is the best restoration company in Orange County, California. We provide the following services for travertine flooring:

Travertine Color Enhancing

The neutral earth colors of travertine make it a natural beauty to behold, but if you want to intensify its earthy colors, we can apply and seal to the surface with an enhancing sealer to preserve its natural appeal.

Travertine Deep Cleaning

Having unfilled travertine holes is challenging. The holes can accumulate dirt and grime over time, and they can be difficult to clean without the proper technique and materials. However, you don’t have to do this laborious travertine cleaning yourself because Monreal Maintenance can do it for you! We have years of experience removing the embedded dirt and scum inside travertine holes.

Travertine Hole Fill Up

Unfilled holes are difficult to manage. If you want to switch to filled holes in your travertine, Monreal Maintenance can help you with that as well.

Travertine Honing and Polishing

Travertine honing removes any surface blemishes such as dark spots, scratches, and etching. After honing, travertine floor polishing should be done using proper diamond pads or polishing powders for a more vibrant and lustrous look.

Travertine Refinishing

Our travertine refinishing service focuses on restoring or changing your travertine’s finish. Whether it is damaged, uneven or dull, or if you want a different type of finish, we will help you achieve your goal.

Travertine Repair

We can repair any damage on your travertine floors from cracks to chips. We also hone and polish the repair site so that it blends well with its surrounding area.

Travertine Sealing

After all the cleaning, honing, and polishing, protecting it with a seal. If you don’t, you risk damage to the travertine surface negating all the restoration efforts. Sealing prevents staining on the travertine surface. A sealed travertine surface saves you from spending on stain removal services in the future.

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