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Slate Floor Restoration Orange County, CA

As one of the most robust natural stone flooring materials, slate floor seldom breaks and gets damaged, but when a slate floor restoration is required, always look for the best in the field. A professional restoration process grants you a reliable and revamped slate floor that will last a long time. In Orange County, the best professional stone restoration service for stone flooring is no other than Monreal Maintenance.

Slate flooring is a mixture of convenience and informal elegance. Houses and spaces with slate slabs can create a cozy yet luxurious vibe. Despite its simple look, slate is one of the more expensive flooring materials so it is better to spend on restoration and maintenance to prevent further damage, which will be more costly.

Choose Monreal Maintenance for Slate Floor Restoration

Why choose us for your slate floor restoration needs in Orange County?

  • We take our jobs seriously
  • We have affordable and competitive rates
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in slate floor restoration
  • We provide excellent customer service
  • We work diligently and timely
  • We use safe stone cleaning products and practices
  • Our outstanding reviews from verified clients tell all

Pick a restoration company that you can trust. Always check for a company’s credentials and verified reviews to know if they provide the best service for your flooring restoration needs.

Services Offered by Monreal Maintenance

With decades of experience, all Monreal Maintenance personnel are well-trained experts in restoring slate floors. They have exemplary knowledge and excellent skills to provide the following slate floor restoration services:

Slate Cleaning

The buildup of dirt, grime, soap, and wax residues dulls the natural color of slate floors. This affects the general aesthetic appeal of slate, and we can get rid of the buildup to show the intrinsic beauty of your floor. We use safe and non-toxic slate floor cleaning products while ensuring that the slate surface is still protected.

Slate Color Enhancer

Do you want to make your floor’s color more vibrant? Contact us to add a color enhancer to your slate flooring. Color enhancers make the original color of natural stones pop and are ideal for slate in brown, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple shades.

Slate Restoration Orange County, CA

Slate is vulnerable to dullness over time. Improper natural stone floor cleaning products, as well as heavy traffic in the area, also affect the appearance of slate. With a professional floor restoration service like ours, we can revive your slate floor to its previous splendor. We strip the surface of wax and soap residue to reveal its natural beauty.

Slate Repairs Orange County, CA

No matter how durable the slate surface is, it can still experience cracks and chips. Do not wait for these damages to grow bigger. Contact us to repair the problem as soon as possible to prevent bigger issues.

Slate Sealing Orange County, CA

Slate sealing with topical coatings is not necessary, but it is still highly advisable especially for slate countertops and slate tile. Sealers protect the slate material from stain damage, weather conditions, and other external elements. Some color enhancers used for boosting the slate’s natural color already act as sealers.

In need of slate floor restoration or stone care? Do not hesitate to contact us at Monreal Maintenance!

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