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Natural Stone Restoration Los Angeles

If you are looking for expert natural stone restoration in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place!

Monreal Maintenance is the professional team you need to restore many types of natural stone. At Monreal, we cater to all natural stones—from slate, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, granite, marble, and more!

Natural Stone Restoration Los Angeles

Natural stone is a valuable material for premier buildings because of its character, durability, and aesthetic appeal. However, damage is inevitable, especially in places with high moisture and foot traffic. Drastic temperatures can chip porous stones, and those chips and cracks can run deep into the surface.  

It can be disheartening dealing with the depreciation, but Monreal provides natural stone restoration Los Angeles services to help many building owners. Luckily, natural stone is durable, and there is a high chance that professional restoration can bring back its luster. And that is exactly why Monreal exists—to help revive the value and appeal of your home or building by restoring natural stones to their pristine condition. 

We provide undisputed service with safe and non-toxic products.

Our natural stone restoration applies techniques using safe and non-toxic cleaners. In natural stone restoration, we consider two factors: the type of stone and how it is maintained.

Some natural stones are prone to etching and acid stains and require a more meticulous process to regain their luster. How you maintain the surface is also considered. Chemical and abrasive cleaners are unacceptable for natural stone surfaces. That is why we only use products that do the job without compromising durability. 

Why Choose Monreal?

Our decades of experience in polishing, restoring, and repairing is our undisputed legacy of excellence. We provide you with quality workmanship and after-service with useful tips on natural stone maintenance. Monreal Maintenance is your go-to company for all your natural stone needs. And with our natural stone restoration, you can be sure that we can bring back the original beauty of your floor, walls, and countertop surfaces.


Workmanship and excellence are our top priorities. Our rates and packages ensure that you can afford natural stone restoration at a remarkably affordable price.

Our friendly customer service team is also available to assist you in choosing the best solution for the appropriate service you need.

With our organized and systematic process, you don’t have to go elsewhere for natural stone restoration Los Angeles. We cover all areas within Orange County, LA County, and Inland Empire to bring back the shine and beauty to many residential and commercial surfaces.

After Restoration Care

Natural stone is timeless, although it can be vulnerable to damage. The good thing about natural stone is that you can repeat the restoration process without necessarily going through a total replacement. To protect the durability of your natural stone, find the right professionals to take the job with due diligence and excellent service.

At Monreal, we not only help you bring dull natural stone surfaces back to life, but we also provide you with care instructions and tips on their upkeep. All you need to do is request an estimate, schedule your appointment, and let us handle the rest!

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