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Marble Restoration & Polishing Services Orange County

Marble floors have a timeless class and elegance unparalleled to most stone floors. A marble floor needs upkeep and maintenance to ensure its beauty won’t fade. Cleaning and maintaining this natural stone require professional help if you do not want to scratch or damage the surface. We offer an affordable yet meticulous marble floor polishing service in Orange County, California.

We are a company that understands marble from its surface to its core. With our passion for marble and a dedication to our valued customers, we aim to provide excellent service and can guarantee the best marble floor polishing service in town!

Monreal Maintenance Marble Floor Polishing Service

Our marble floor polishing service includes:

Marble Deep Cleaning Orange County

Surface cleaning is good, but regular marble deep cleaning is essential. Combining our professional marble cleaning service with regular surface cleaning ensures that your marble floor looks excellent regardless of its age. We use marble-safe products when performing our deep cleaning services.

Marble Grinding Cleaning Orange County

We grind marble floors and surfaces to ensure that they have an even surface. We use the best grinding technology so that the final output is an undamaged and smooth marble surface. A flat and level surface guarantees safety as it prevents any slips and injuries caused by falling or tripping.

Marble Honing and Marble Polishing Orange County

Honing and polishing are our most popular services. Marble is not protected from scratches, dull spots, and uneven finish. Over time, your marble floor will show imperfections that ruins its elegant beauty. That is why honing is a vital component of marble care. Honing removes these imperfections to ensure that the marble floor retains its luster and shine. Polishing the marble using safe products and finishes guarantees a shiny floor void of flaws.

Marble Refinishing Orange County

An uneven finish makes your marble unappealing by diminishing its elegance. Our marble floor polishing service includes refinishing jobs where we can balance an uneven finish and restore your marble to its original glory. If you are tired of walking on the same marble finish, we can change a marble finish as well!

Marble Floor Restoration & Marble Repair Orange County

Deep scratches or a broken marble floor makes your interior look unpleasant. It can also cause injuries and falls. It is vital to repair any damage on your floor as soon as possible. So, whether you are dealing with small marble cracks and chips to bigger holes, don’t hesitate to call on a professional marble floor company to repair the damage.

Monreal Maintenance has the expertise to repair broken marble. We will fix the damage and ensure that the repaired surface blends well with its surrounding area so that there won’t be any visible sign of the damage at all!

Marble Sealing Orange County

Sealing a marble surface (especially a marble countertop) is essential to keep it stain-resistant. This will save you from costly stain removal services and prevents stain damage to your precious marble floors and surfaces. While sealing can be a DIY activity, we recommend that you let a professional service provider like us do the job. Marble sealing should be done by someone with experience to ensure that the marble is adequately sealed so that stains and other elements will not seep through.

Marble Stain Removal Orange County

Can you see stains on your marble floor? Monreal Maintenance comes to the rescue. Our marble stain removal service provides a thorough cleaning that uses safe cleaning solutions to remove stains.

Marble Tile Replacement

Do you have a marble tile floor? If so, you can benefit from our service whenever a tile is broken. With many years of experience in the industry, we can replace a tile safely without damaging the neighboring tiles.

Monreal Maintenance’s marble polishing service covers all of your marble flooring needs. Give us a call and let us work to maintain your marble’s glorious beauty!

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