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Granite Sealing Services Orange County, CA

Monreal Maintenance is a trusted company for granite sealing services!

We provide granite services for both residential and commercial use in LA County, Orange County, and Inland Empire.

Why Choose Monreal Granite Sealing Service?

Granite is a highly resistant natural stone widely used in many construction projects. But no matter how resistant it can be, unsealed granite poses a problem in the long run. Long-term exposure of unsealed granite to water and other external factors can create moisture that leads to damage.

Monreal Maintenance offers affordable granite sealing services to our valued clientele. Reasonable prices that do not sacrifice quality are a key factor and why we are trusted by many during our 20-plus years of experience in this industry.

Moreover, we prioritize health and safety. Some sealants used by other companies may be hazardous to your health. But we are sensitive to this and always guarantee that our sealants and other chemicals used are safe and non-toxic.

Aside from the many years of professional experience, our team at Monreal is hardworking. We are also meticulous, especially since granite sealing requires detail and careful application.

Importance of Granite Sealing Services

While anyone can seal granite surfaces, not everyone can do a good job. Experts like us know how to properly seal granite without damaging the surface. Once a granite surface has been sealed, it protects the granite from food stains, water stains, and other damage.

Kitchen granite countertops are mostly victims of stains from grease and colored liquids. These stains do not look appealing and may ruin the aesthetics of your interior. Contracting a granite sealing service from a reliable and reputable company is a must.

A sealed granite surface does not require the use of many cleaning chemicals. Covering the granite with a sealant makes it less porous, eliminating bacteria and giving you a more sanitary surface.

How Often Should You Seal Granite?

We recommend sealing granite at least once a year. However, the frequency of granite sealing also depends on how you use the surface. For example, granite countertops in a busy kitchen must be resealed more frequently because it is exposed to many destructive factors such as the acids found in vinegar and citrus fruits.

Extended Resealing Period

Do you find it hard and less cost-efficient to seal your granite countertops, walls, and floors?

Though resealing granite surfaces at least once per year is recommended, we can extend the period for the next reseal by using long-lasting sealants. We use sealants that boast safe and effective advanced technology. Such technology allows the sealant to form a stronger and more permanent bond with any granite surface, extending its sealing effect.

Among all restoration specialists in Los Angeles, only Monreal offers a top-notch approach to granite sealing.

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Our exemplary granite sealing service has attracted a lot of loyal customers who put their trust in us. With their trust in mind, our entire team devotes our time and effort to ensuring that we provide high-quality service.

To protect any granite surfaces in your home and office, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form. Or you may also call us at (714) 606 1287. Our friendly agents are available Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Drab countertops don’t have a place to stay with Monreal Maintenance. The right tools, expertise, and experience is key to maintaining your home’s value.

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