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Terrazzo Polishing Services Orange County, CA

Terrazzo has an exquisite beauty, all thanks to the composite materials (usually marble chips) pre-casted into a cement base, resin, or epoxy bases. This unique process gives terrazzo surfaces extraordinary appeal, especially when various colors and sizes are ingrained into them.

Do you know how to maintain terrazzo surfaces? Though terrazzo polishing can be done as a DIY project, it is best left to professionals. The practice involves coats of waxes requiring special care and upkeep to maintain their polished look best done by professionals such as Monreal Maintenance.

Why Choose Monreal Maintenance for Terrazzo Polishing Services?

Monreal Maintenance is the best terrazzo polishing service in Orange County, California for the following reasons:

  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • Safe, non-toxic cleaners and products
  • Organized and systemic work processes
  • Great customer service
  • More than 20 years of terrazzo polishing experience

Terrazzo Flooring Pros and Cons

Terrazzo’s beauty is incomparable. The unique process of making a terrazzo stone floor always keeps us in awe, but, like all natural stone flooring materials, terrazzo floors also have their pros and cons.


  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unlimited designs and styles
  • Used indoors and outdoors
  • Unique applications


  • High installation cost
  • Require professional terrazzo installation
  • Cold surface

Terrazzo Restoration & Polishing Services from Monreal Maintenance

At Monreal Maintenance, we love to cover everything our clients need so we are the go-to maintenance service for all! Our terrazzo polishing service includes the following:

Terrazzo Honing and Polishing

Honing and polishing terrazzo maintains its natural beauty and shine. Honing removes imperfections such as scratches, etching, and other visible signs of wear and tear from the terrazzo surface. After honing, polishing is required to properly restore the surface’s glossy or matte finish. Honing and polishing lend the terrazzo surface an almost-new appeal.

Terrazzo Cleaning

You can schedule us for regular maintenance of your terrazzo floor! We use only recommended terrazzo floor cleaning products that are safe for terrazzo use. Regular maintenance keeps your terrazzo floor clean all the time, free from any debris, dirt, and grime. Scheduled maintenance with us ensures someone looks after your precious floor even if you get too busy.

Terrazzo Repair

Cracks and chips ruin the innate beauty of the terrazzo floor. These problems arise due to several factors such as heavy floor traffic and heavy items falling on it, causing it to crack. But you don’t need to worry about these problems because we are experts at dealing with these issues! Terrazzo cracks and chips can be mended with the right expert on the job! We have the skill and knowledge to repair terrazzo floors and surfaces and restore them to their original glory.

Terrazzo Sealing

Do you need coatings or a seal on your terrazzo surface? It is very much recommended. Sealing terrazzo is not synonymous with coating or waxing. Sealing is a preventive measure that protects the surface from stains caused by spills. It is vital to seal terrazzo surfaces after a thorough commercial cleaning and polishing to maintain their beautiful shine and color for a long time.

You’ll never go wrong in choosing Monreal Maintenance for terrazzo floor polishing services. Our company prides itself on decades of experience. Our knowledge and skills in terrazzo floor restoration, maintenance, and tile care are unparalleled. With our ever-growing clientele, we surely are the most trusted in the industry and we do a great job!

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