If you are reading this, you have undoubtedly wondered how to make terrazzo floors shine. Fortunately, you are in the right place to learn all you can on how to make terrazzo floors shine.

How to Make Terrazzo Floors Shine – What Are They Made From?

Terrazzo flooring is made from stone bits and marble chips mixed into cement. The floors become glossy due to the stone and marble chips in them. Making your terrazzo floors shine again requires you to first clear the floors. Once done, you can reapply the floor sealer to restore the flooring’s luster and shine.

Terrazzo experts recommend crystalizing the surface of the flooring using an acid-base solution. This process makes the entire shining process easier. A tip to remember when polishing your terrazzo floors is to use a planetary grinder and a polishing powder to buff out the acid-base solution.

How to Make Terrazzo Floors Shine

With that in mind, there are three major ways to shine your terrazzo floors. They are:

  1. Diamond polishing
  2. Polishing powder
  3. Recrystallization

Diamond Polishing Method

This method is one of the most popular ways to shine terrazzo flooring. It is highly preferred by most people who require terrazzo flooring renovation, thanks to its lower maintenance costs.

When you use the diamond polishing method to shine your terrazzo floors, you can be sure that they will remain shiny for a minimum of eight years, so long as you conduct maintenance. The process begins with a planetary stone grinder.

Experts recommend using coarse-grit diamond abrasives to grind your terrazzo floors. This can help you eradicate any unwanted scuff marks and scratches. Before starting the grinding process, ensure you have medium and finely-grit diamond bits.

The coarse bit is first used, followed by the medium bit and then the fine diamond bit, once each bit has been able to shine the terrazzo flooring. This process ensures you get a visually appealing result that will last a long time.

Using Polishing Powder

You can also use polishing powder to burnish your terrazzo floors. The powder is known for improving the glossy appearance of the terrazzo tiles. If you choose to use this method to make terrazzo floor shine, then the following tips can help:

Recrystallization Method

This process is a widely used method to make terrazzo floors shine. This process involves using the following:

After applying a little amount of the acid solution over the terrazzo flooring, you use the polishing machine with the steel wool pad attached to it to evenly spread the solution over the surface.

When spread over the terrazzo floor, the acid solution provides a glossy appearance. The glossy appearance appears after crystallization due to the floors’ new layer of fluorosilicate calcium.