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Limestone Floor Polishing Services in Orange County

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that often graces many homes and commercial spaces. Limestone’s unique addition to a space’s design stems from the fact that the limestone tile consists of shell fragments, tiny fossils, and other calcified marine animals that withstood the test of time!

Such a remarkable feature warrants safe upkeeping and maintenance. We, at Monreal Maintenance, know the importance of limestone polishing to ensure that its beauty and noteworthy appearance remains untainted.

Why Is It Important for Limestone Floors to Be Polished?

Even if limestone has withstood millions of years, it can still suffer from dullness, scratches, damage, and stains from human use. Like all natural stones such as granite and marble, limestone flooring also needs care to ensure that it retains its glorious and timeless appeal.

Having an expert like Monreal Maintenance deal with your limestone floor cleaning issues guarantees the preservation of its natural beauty.

What Does Monreal Maintenance Offer in Limestone Polishing?

Our company has decades of experience in limestone polishing. We know the best commercial cleaning products to use and the most efficient and safest stone floor cleaning techniques. With our expert knowledge and tested skills, we can assure all our clients that once we are done cleaning and polishing their limestone surfaces, they will look as good as new with minimal visible blemishes.

Limestone Cleaning and Sealing

Using non-acidic and effective cleaning solutions gives the limestones a thorough and deep cleaning while ensuring that its components are protected from further damage caused by harsh chemicals. Sealing may or may not be recommended on your limestone surface. Sealing can help to prevent broken limestone tiles, limestone stains, and limestone cracks. If we think it is crucial to seal the surface, we will advise you on what to do.

Limestone Stain Removal

The importance of sealing is to prevent stains on the surface. If stains are already present, we can help remove them and other discolorations through our limestone restoration services. Our knowledge and skill in stain removal lend a lasting impression in the revival of a stained limestone surface.

Limestone Polishing

Limestone polishing is our most sought-after service as far as limestone is concerned. Before polishing we perform a limestone honing technique for scratch removal on the stone surface. We then proceed with the limestone polishing using diamond pads or polishing powders depending on the limestone finish. Once our trusted experts are done with the limestone polishing service, you can enjoy your limestone’s warm and natural beauty!

Contact Monreal Maintenance for more information on natural stone floor care and our limestone polishing services and cleaning services!

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