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Granite Polishing Services in Orange County

Monreal Maintenance provides superior granite polishing services in Orange County, California! We care for granite floor, counter and wall applications in residential and commercial spaces, including schools, universities, and hospitals.

Monreal Maintenance Granite Polishing Services: The Best in Orange County!

An experienced maintenance and cleaning service company makes a difference when it comes to taking care of your granite! With 20 plus years of experience in granite and stone care, we can guarantee our valued customers – both old and new – that we have the necessary skills to preserve your granite’s natural beauty.

Our company is extremely devoted to our clients, and we believe that the core of our service is rooted in their satisfaction. That is why we do our best to provide exceptional granite polishing services in Orange County, California.

Combining our expertise with our extensive knowledge about granite allows us to produce a high-quality result. We continue to educate ourselves on current trends in granite care to ensure that we are up-to-date with our granite cleaning services while using the safest cleaning solutions and technologies.

What Makes Monreal Maintenance Different from Other Granite Polishing Services?

Clients First

Not profits, but clients. Aside from being a veteran in the industry with decades of experience, Monreal Maintenance puts our clients at the heart of our service. With this in mind, it motivates our company to provide the best solutions for our clients’ granite problems. It also allows us to do more for our clients and go above and beyond to guarantee client satisfaction.

Health & Safety

One of the best things about our company is the fact that we prioritize our clients’ health and well-being. We stay away from toxic granite cleaners and products as much as possible. We avoid using acidic cleaning products like citrus or ammonia on granite countertops. These ingredients create an ugly and cloudy appearance on the natural stone surface, which makes the granite aesthetically unappealing.

Competitive Pricing

Our affordable granite polishing service rates compete well in the market. You get excellent granite service for a decent price without sacrificing the qualities of the products used and the craftsmanship.

How Does Monreal Maintenance Work?

Polishing granite requires skill to avoid an uneven surface with more scratches. If the polishing is done correctly, the granite surface will look new and with little to no blemishes. We at Monreal Maintenance use diamond pads and polishing stones for our granite polishing services. The diamond abrasives of the pad smoothen, sand, restore, and polish the hard surface of this natural stone to give it a brilliant and even finish.

We can also apply a granite sealer to protect the surface from spills and stains. This is especially beneficial for a granite countertop. Once buffed and evened out, the sealer adds a layer of freshness and shine. This sealing will further enhance the longevity of the counters or granite floors as well.

Is Monreal Maintenance the Best Choice for You?

Ask yourself what you are looking for from a granite polishing service company. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Monreal Maintenance:

  • Decades of experience in granite restoration, granite repair, and stone polishing
  • Affordable and competitive rates in Orange County, California
  • Up-to-date knowledge of granite trends
  • Fast, reliable, and organized service
  • Safe chemicals and products
  • Amazing customer service

With all of these attributes that we are proud of, we can’t think of any other company but Monreal Maintenance for your stone restoration and granite maintenance needs! From granite floor polishing, to granite stain removal, to granite countertop restoration, we’ve got your covered.

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